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Wireless Networks

Is Wireless Networking right for your business?

Wireless Networks, also known as WiFi networks, comes as a mixed blessing. Many businesses have adopted wireless networks, sometimes without understanding the potential advantages and disadvantages of this technology.


#1 - Your business may benefit from Wireless Networking if you have mobile users with laptops or handhelds who need access to the network from many places in your office. It is usually much more feasible to implement a Wireless Network than it is to install many network jacks to accommodate these mobile users.

Datility Networks can help you determine whether or not a wireless network is appropriate for your environment.

#2 - If your business has multiple buildings that are not currently networked in any way, you may be able to network them together using wireless technology. This can be much more cost effective and provide much better performance than Internet-based VPN technology or "High Speed" Leased Lines. This usually requires "line of sight" between the two locations.

Datility Networks can use Wireless Technology to network your buildings together. We can discuss your needs and help you determine whether or not it would be feasilble to network your locations with Wireless Technology.


#1 - A majority of today's Wireless Networking installations are considered insecure. There are several steps that can be taken to increase the security of your wireless network. Unfortunately, many businesses are not familiar with these steps or are careless to implement them and leave their wireless networks "wide open" in such a way that any user could connect to them.

It is possible to overcome these security issues. Datility Networks can work with your business to determine your needs and help you choose a level of security that is appropriate for your situation.

#2 - Wireless Networking is still considered much slower than it's wired counterpart. Most Wireless Networks operate at a speed of "11mbps". While newer wireless technologies operate at speeds up to "108mbps" or higher, real world test show that you can expect actual performance near 50% the rated speed. All of this can be compared to the "100mbps" of today's wired networks.

Datility Networks can discuss how you wish to use the computers on your Wireless Network and whether or not you can expect problems related to these speed limitations.

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