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Internet Consulting

Is your business considering a new Internet Connection?

If you are considering a new Internet connection for a complex network, you may benefit from our Internet Consulting. We can discuss your needs and review your existing environment to help you determine which technology is best for you.

We have described the most common Internet connections below. Please contact us if you would like more information or advice regarding Internet Connectivity. We can provide unbiased third party feedback to help you decide on an appropriate Internet Connection for your business.


DSL Internet, when available, is usually the most appropriate choice for businesses. Your business can browse websites, check email and download large amounts of data such as multimedia from the Internet at reasonable speeds. DSL may not be appropriate for you if customers or employees would be downloading information from your location. This is fairly uncommon, however.

Typical DSL Internet speeds are 1536kb/sec (1.5mb/sec) download and 384kb/sec upload.

Typical DSL Internet pricing for businesses is $60 - $95 per month.


Cable Internet, when available, is nearly identical to DSL. Our experience indicates that Cable Internet is not as reliable as DSL. For this reason, we recommend this type of Internet Connectivity to businesses only if they are NOT in a DSL service area.

Typical Cable Internet speeds are 1536kb (1.5mb) download and 384kb upload.

Typical Cable Internet pricing for businesses is $60 - $95 per month.


Wireless Internet, when available, can be nearly identical to DSL. Due to a number of factors including location, Wireless Internet services can vary in speed and reliability. We only recommend Wireless Internet services if DSL is not available. We sometimes recommend Wireless Internet over Cable Internet if the WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) has a reputation for reliable service.

Typical Wireless Internet speeds are 1536kb (1.5mb) download and 256kb upload.

Typical Wireless Internet pricing for businesses is $60 - $95 per month.


If your business requires a high speed Internet connection but are not in a DSL or Cable Internet service area, you may need T1 Internet service. This type of service is also appropriate when customers, employees or others need to download information from your location via the Internet. DSL and Cable Internet providers typically restrict the amount of information that can be transferred from your location to the Internet.

Sometimes a single T1 Internet connection is inadequate. If you require more bandwidth or greater reliability, you can subscribe to multiple T1 Internet connections from one or more providers. We can assist you with the design and implementation of complicated configurations such as this.

Typical T1 Internet speeds are 1536kb (1.5mb) download and 1536kb (1.5mb) upload. If you do not need a "Full T1", consider a "Fractional T1" which can deliver lower speeds at a lower price.

T1 Internet pricing for businesses can range from $350 - $900 per month depending on your service provider. Tier 1 service providers will usually charge higher prices. You can usually expect much higher performance and reliability from these providers.

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