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Wired Networks

Is your business looking for Computer Networking solutions?

If your business would like to connect systems at one more more locations, you may find that you have many options. We provide computer network solutions for any of the following technologies as well as Wireless Networking.

Local Area Networks

Your business may already use a LAN to connect the systems in your office. Local Area Networks allow your systems to share files, printers, and your Internet connection. Contact us if you are interested in a LAN or need assistance with your existing LAN.

Virtual Private Networks

If your business has remote locations or remote users, you can benefit from Internet-based VPNs. Virtual Private Networks can be used to securely connect remote systems or locations to your corporate network over high speed Internet connections. Contact us if you would like to learn more about Virtual Private Networks.

Wide Area Networks

Your business may need to connect remote locations to your corporate network but you may find that VPNs are not appropriate. This may be due to security concerns or lack of high speed Internet at one or more of the locations. In these scenarios, you can use Wide Area Networks with leased lines to connect these sites. Contact us to find out more about WANs.

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