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Managed Services

Is your business spending too much or too little time on routine tasks that are necessary to ensure your network runs smoothly?

Outsource these tasks for a fraction of the cost necessary to perform them inhouse. Managed Services from Datility Networks can decrease or eliminate the burden of routine in-house administrative tasks for your IT staff. These services can be added to our Dedicated Hosting packages. We also provide these services to remote customers via the Internet.

Availability Monitoring

If you have ever experienced an outage, you were most likely unaware of the problem until an end user contacted you. Our network monitoring automatically checks that services on your server(s) are available. If a service or entire system becomes unavailable, notifications can be sent to you via email or pager or we can contact you via phone.

Performance Monitoring

Our performance monitoring automatically checks network, processor, memory and other system utilization levels. We work with you to determine acceptable levels of performance. If a system reaches unacceptable levels of performance, notifications can be sent to you via email or pager or we can contact you via phone.

Security Monitoring

Do you have time to monitor your systems and/or network for suspicious activity? Do you know what to watch for? Would you be able to identify suspicious activity if you saw it? Rely on our network staff for basic security monitoring and emergency notification if we identify a severe security incident.

Software Updates

Many software updates are designed to eliminate specific security vulnerabilities. If these updates are not installed in a timely manner, your systems may remain vulnerable to a variety of attacks. Unfortunately, due to the large quantity of software updates released each day, you can easily become overwhelmed trying to monitor updates released for the Operating System and Services running on your systems. We offer services that can notify you via email whenever a {related} update is released or we can install these updates for you.

Server Reboots

Rebooting systems such as Windows-based servers on a regular basis is a simple, yet effective method for improving your system reliability. We perform manual reboots for some customers and monitor scheduled reboots for others.

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