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Email Defense

You can start blocking spam and viruses today!

If junk mail and viruses are invading your mailbox, fight back by signing up for our Email Defense services! You can request a 30 day trial, order the service, or read more below.

Spam Blocking

Stop 98 percent of spam from reaching your network with the Email Defense multi-layer spam filtering and analysis.

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Virus Scanning

Significantly reduce your risk of virus or worm infection with the Email Defense double virus protection leveraging leading virus scanning engines.

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Spam Blocking

Spam is fast becoming the number-one IT pain point for enterprises worldwide. Today, between 45% and 50% of email is spam, and Radicati Group expects this to reach 70%.

This deluge of unwanted mail results in drained IT personnel resources, decreased network bandwidth and email storage space, reduced employee productivity, increased legal risk and costly network downtime. In all, Ferris Research estimates that spam could cost businesses $10 billion.

Developed for high-volume messaging environments, the Email Defense service provides the most comprehensive and effective spam-blocking product on the market today.

Multi-Layered Spam Filtering

Unlike most spam filtering solutions, which use one or two spam-classification techniques, the Email Defense service aggregates the most effective spam filters and techniques in the industry, currently leveraging the strengths of five spam-fighting filters including:

  • Bayesian Statistical Analysis
  • Heuristics Rules-Based Analysis
  • Distributed Checksum Matching
  • Distributed Deny Lists and Global Deny Lists
  • Customer-Defined Deny and Allow Lists

Each of the five filters dynamically calculates the spam probability of every message. Through an aggregation and analysis of these spam-likelihood scores, the multi-layered spam detection system provides extremely effective blocking of spam.

Email Defense Highlights:

  • Instantly block over 98% of spam, while benefiting from industry-leading low false positive rates
  • Eliminate over 90% of spam costs—Free up IT resources, increase productivity and reduce network and storage costs
  • Up-to-the-minute defense against the latest blended email threats
  • Complete protection against spam before it reaches your network—Safe, external scanning and quarantine management

Virus Scanning

Viruses and worms are proliferating at an unprecedented rate. At the height of their outbreaks, one in seven emails contained the SoBig.F virus, one in 30 emails contained the SirCam virus and one in 24 emails contained the Love Bug virus.

Hackers continue to stay ahead of the technology curve and aggressively target the Internet infrastructure. The latest sophisticated, blended threats don't need end users to spread the infected files. Instead, they automatically leverage a combination of email, network shares, chat programs and peer-to-peer file-sharing networks to move quickly through the Internet.

The SoBig.F outbreak infected half a million computers worldwide, and estimates on its damages range from $500 million to more than $1 billion in lost productivity, hours wasted and lost sales (Business Week). By 2006, the Radicati Group expects the economic impact of computer viruses to approach $60 billion worldwide.

In a world increasingly dependent on Internet communication, viruses represent one of the most significant information security threats to the enterprise.

The Email Defense Service provides highly effective, organization-wide virus and worm protection, enabling business continuity and cost containment. It identifies, quarantines, blocks and strips viruses and worms at your network perimeter—before they enter or leave your messaging infrastructure.

As new viruses are deployed and released, protection depends on downloading new virus signatures that identify infected traffic. The Email Defense service leverages McAfee and Sophos and proactively updates virus signatures every 5 minutes—minimizing outbreak and infection risks and securing your enterprise-messaging infrastructure.

Virus Scanning Highlights:

  • Maximum protection utilizing the industry-leading anti-virus engines McAfee and Sophos—Sophisticated security to complement the on-premise solution you might already have in place
  • Up-to-the-minute defense against the latest threats—Virus definition updates every 5 minutes
  • Complete protection against viruses before they reach your network—Safe, external scanning and quarantine management

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